Shirley Chisholm’s mission is to continuously evolve a stronger program that meets the needs of our diverse population of young children so they are ready to be academically and socially successful as they advance through their education and enter adult life. 

 In this regard, we provide our children with a safe, nurturing, engaging, enjoyable, secure, and age-appropriate learning environment and a program that is personalized, family involved, and community engaged. 



In 1971, Ms. Marlene Ransom and Ms. Sophie Stuart, along with other concerned members of the community, came together to address the growing needs of children and families in their community. Ms. Ransom who at the time, was a student of Congresswoman, Shirley Chisholm and the Congresswomen had an outstanding track record for the political, educational, nutritional, health and well-being of the community. Even today, our Center’s programs reflect Congresswomen Chisholm's life and deeds. The founders believed a daycare program, whose primary goals were child safety and basic care, allowing parents to pursue further education and work, would best serve to eradicate their challenges and build on the communities strengths.

Shirley Chisholm Day Care Center, during its long, rich 45 year history has worked to provide high quality early childhood day care service to the Bedford Stuyvesant, Ocean-Hills Brownsville and Park Slope, Brooklyn communities. Shirley Chisholm is passionate about community needs, delivering services through our Pacific,Somers, and Sumpter sites. We also have a vibrant Family Childcare program with a number of neighborhood sites. Shirley Chisholm DCC serves over 600 children and families in our community.

In an effort to best support our families, Shirley Chisholm DCC has teamed up with local agencies and CBO’s to provide art, education, health, mental health, wellness, and higher education services. We recognize the importance of neighborhood and community.

Forty-five years later, Shirley Chisholm’s roots are stronger than ever. Our Center and Board leadership and staff position us to better serve the community through our wisdom, faith, and experience procured through time.

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